Durga Kale is a PhD Candidate at the University of Calgary and her doctoral thesis looks at the Sacred Landscape along the west coast of India (Konkan, in particular). Her work intersects ethnographic, anthropological and literary studies. With her background in archaeology, her work and curatorial experience in material culture contributes to her research.

“Kalemighty” is a place for her blogs and other activities in academic research. The site is created with a view to build on her intent to bring academic equity and to help find byways to reduce academic gate-keeping. Durga’s blogs are based on various themes along with hyperlinks to the material from museums across the world and additional reading suggestions.

Please free to use the resources or get in touch with Durga at:

dkalemighty at gmail dot com

Photograph courtesy: B&M Photography, Calgary (Canada)

Academic activities

Striving to connect the relevant strands between the academic and non-academic sources of study through cultural studies. We are here not to critique, but to develop open dialogues around the study of culture – past and present.


Paper presented at World Archaeology Congress

Paper on Genealogical documents and oral history in Konkan. Listen here


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