Chippin’ Away

Audio journeys into the archaeology and anthropology of South Asia. Your hosts chip away at one theme per episode in opening the podium for dialogue.

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We are a small team trying to sift through the available research (Archaeology, Anthropology, Religion and Art History), to present humane accounts of a shared culture.

Durga studies the material and ethnographic material to weave together a tapestry of past narratives in South-Asia. Akash researches stone-tools and ancient landscapes to bring to light the cultural connect between the past and the present. Our podcast, “Chippin’ Away” is a chip off the old block, in re-analysing what we know, and how we know it – to work towards better, and inclusive ways of knowing.

The name “Kalemighty” is quite arbitrary, and could be a play on the words “calamity” and “almighty”; thus nudging us to think how one piece of information or data could have multiple sides and interpretations!

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The story of Chippin’ Away: Venturing into Podcasting and Enthusiastic first reactions!

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