So many thoughts as our Podcast goes live!

The first episode of “Chippin’ Away” is live, and you can give it a listen <a href=”http://<div id=”buzzsprout-player-3193492″></div> <script src=”; type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″>here.

But, I did not know that podcasting can be this nerve-wracking! I heard my voice multiple times as Akash and I edited the 15-minute audio clip. I moved gradually from disowning the sound of my voice to finally accepting it and later “dealing with it”. I could think of million different ways this episode could have developed! But I must not forget, that all this is a learning curve.

As I listened to myself speak through the system, I could not help but think of voluntary vulnerability. It is as if I have let my voice be recorded and have given it up for public scrutiny. Each word I utter, each pause I take and each time I interrupt Akash as we discuss our topic on the podcast; I open up new dimension of my thought processes for some stranger to listen to.

The connections built over internet and the thickening web of the virtual world in general, is bringing us together – and we at once making home in others’ virtual spaces and welcoming them into ours. When I thought on these lines, I felt assured that this vulnerability is not as bad as I think. This is what makes us human!

And since we are talking about humane qualities, maybe you will enjoy our discussion on another innately human quality, that of resilience! We, as humans, have faced and experienced numerous epidemics, diseases, droughts and other maladies. But we have survived it all, and sprung back! Episode 1 of “Chippin’ Away”, titled “Episodic Epidemic” gives a glimpse into the history and archaeology of epidemics in South Asia and leaves with a positive note, that “this (COVID-19) too, shall pass!”

Tune in for regular updates of “Chippin’ Away” here:

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