Regional narrative tradition as a source for study of cultures

Finally I flew to India and I was greeted with a sumptuous serving of color, festivities and a mosaic of languages and people. On September 13th, 2019 (a Friday 😉 ) I had the pleasure of addressing a group of students at the Deccan College Post-Graduate Research Institute, Pune.

I was invited to talk about my (limited) experience on working with regional or local narratives that are a part of the regional religion and culture. I have worked specifically along the West coast of India, in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, that formed the crux of this discussion.

Coming from a background of Archaeology, I tried to bring in the discussion on Processual and post-processual paradigms. In the post-processual approach, multivocality in data analysis forms on of the main lines of exploration. The use of local narratives such as oral traditions add to the multivocality aspect of looking at a data set.

What is the scope of the regional narrative tradition? The analyses ranging from the study of patterns of settling in an area to the individual examination of a narrative down to its bare-bones – is the wide scope for analytical inquiry.

I had a great experience of interacting with the students and professors at Deccan College that day.

More theoretical discussion and excerpts from this talk very soon!



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