It is that time of the year- inktober! I feel excited for October specially because of the shared spirit to doodle something everyday based on the daily prompt.

I have not been very regular, but this time I have promised myself to keep at 31 doodles for October. I have recently come across a number of pedagogical pieces on using activities such as Inktober for effective classroom teaching. Various themes pertaining to the teaching course can be used for inktober. As I read the prompts for Archinktober (archaeology inspired inktober), I began to see how creative one can be. In addition to bringing in the specific knowledge base, one can add creative take on looking at the very concept. Please take a look at my Twitter feed, that better illustrates this than my feeble attempt at elaborating what I mean…

As I began working on the Archinktober prompts yesterday (albeit a bit late), I was drawn to the discussion once again: wondering what certain words mean in the context of Archaeology. When I taught a summer course this year, I was mulling over various ways in which I could get the students to think. Or think creatively. And now that I look at Inktober, this can be a great way to segue into the discussion topic at hand!

Dr Grewal at the University of Calgary was brainstorming how social media could be used effectively to integrate student learning. I am convinced of the trends such as Inktober or “#” something is the way to catch more attention and also, to stay relevant. Just in the past three years of my teaching experience, I have began to feel old and dated. I didn’t know what”Tik Tok” was! Maybe opening up a limited learning space on social media platforms will be the best for forward!


P.S: Do keep an eye out for my #Archinktober updates on Twitter!


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